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next Proj

2012-05-11 17:43:08 by Jaybell

I'm currently story boarding a project that will probably take some time, but hopefully I can put something up soon. it's been awhile so I'll probably have to relearn everything... lol

Small Break

2010-12-27 12:57:33 by Jaybell

I have a few idea's for a bigger flash project, but it will take a long long time especially with school coming back in session soon, so you won't see anything from me probably for a while but when you do hopefully it's pretty awesome. I'd like to really dig into Flash before posting again and get some music from the Audio Portal since it's CC



2010-12-23 11:56:01 by Jaybell

Just submitted my 2nd flash, I'm hoping it does as good if not better than Fallen! Wish me luck. I think I have the music down, and the animation is a little better this time. However it is like 100X more cute so I might get a few haters, lol.


2010-12-22 09:56:22 by Jaybell

I have come up with a new flash idea. The animation will be a lot more simple so hopefully I can do more with it. I have a simple story board made up and will start work on it after I do real stuff like clean and pack :)

I'm excited about my 3.19 (last time I checked) rating on fallen since I had no idea it would get so many views and votes either way and I'm super happy it wasn't blammed!! yay

First Flash Submitted

2010-12-21 13:34:42 by Jaybell

Just submitted Fallen, Hopefully people like it! :)