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2010-12-23 11:56:01 by Jaybell

Just submitted my 2nd flash, I'm hoping it does as good if not better than Fallen! Wish me luck. I think I have the music down, and the animation is a little better this time. However it is like 100X more cute so I might get a few haters, lol.


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2010-12-23 12:29:59

Not bad for a second flash attempt -
try to pick up a mic for 20 bucks or something and work that in, NG members generally are not big fans of reading unless it's jibberish in the forums - plus submitions with voice acting(atleast semi-clean) always make it through the portal
also there was a little roughness to your effects, like when the purple star appeared behind the cloud.
all and all it's a lot better then most of the crap that gets submitted by ppl new to flash, i voted 5 to help push it through and cause you didn't use crudely drawn stick figures.

keep submitting =]

Jaybell responds:

Thanks that's a good point. I think I might try something longer and with voices for my next one but that may be a little ways off... :)